Inland Navigation Language Programme APPS

An English Course for students at Inland Navigation Training Institutes.
RIVERSPEAK included.

To play the presentation on an iPad, the device must be held in vertical position.

The programme is intended to familiarize inland-navigation students with the specific English terminologies, idioms and phrases used in inland shipping through content-based instruction that will enable the student to acquire the knowledge required for safe and effective conduct on inland waterways.

The programme consists of lectures (apps) with learning tests and assessment tests, with a digital coursebook presented in separate chapters. The results of the assessment tests are automatically sent to the assessor.

Programme contents:
RIVERSPEAK & VHF-Communication; General Ship Knowledge; Engineering; Ship & Cargo Handling; Safety & Emergency Response; Documents & Correspondence; Practical Grammar. See the Introduction to INLP for more information on how to use the programme.

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